GDPR & Safe-guarding

In order for the cross country league to operate we collect information on pupils’ name, school, gender and year group; which is then associated with a pupil’s race number. We also hold information on each school’s contact such as name and email. This information is held purely for the purpose of administering this league and is used to produce results from each of the races which are published on a website and distributed to schools. These results are processed to produce the overall league tables which are also published. This information is not shared with any other outside organisation, other than to identify pupils who may qualify for district level races, in which case it is shared with district school games organisers.

The races take place in public parks so there is no way to prevent anyone from taking photographs.  There are a number of photographers who regularly attend these races and take pictures of all pupils which are then published online.  We often add links to these photographs alongside the results to help promote the races and as a record of their achievement.  In order to improve safe-guarding, we will no longer publish race numbers in public results so that it will not be possible to directly identify pupils from their race numbers on photographs.

If there are pupils whose photograph must not be published or who should not be identified in the results please email, and we will try to make sure their photographs are deleted and if necessary remove their name from the results.  These pupils should make themselves known and excuse themselves when group photographs are being taken.